Sunday, June 04, 2006

West Herts Micro Users Group is possibly Hertfordshire's oldest micro user group, and was formed in 1978 to support users of Tandy TRS-80 8-bit microcomputers; as time passed and Amstrad's 1512 and 1640 machines came into being so we moved to 16-bit machines and now, although severely reduced from the 100+ members we used to have, we now support today's modern machines. Most have laptops that they bring to the meetings, and we offer support (but not training!) to all members and invite people to visit us. Membership fees are £30 per year for 25 meetings - meeting on alternate Tuesday evenings in Bricket Wood. Contact: Tony Reeve - We look forward to hearing from you!

Since this posting, I have to add that the Group has now restarted going on outings. Some years ago we undertook a trip around Bletchley Park, the wartime coding centre where the code of the German Enigma machine was broken; it is also the home of the first electronic computer, Colossus, which has now been restored to full working condition.

On January 12 2007 we spent an interesting couple of hours going around the Observatory at Mill Hill, North London; this is the property of the University of North London, and appears to have whetted the appetites of the members for more.

9th July 2007 and another outing - this time to the Secret Nuclear Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch, near Ongar. As an outing it was somewhat depressing to think that the government that in the event of a nuclear war they valued the populace so lowly, and were far more concerned with making sure that they were safe - albeit for a whole three months, after which they were almost sure to die a lingering death. No, I'd settle for the quick one with the population outside! However, we soon felt better after we regaled ourselves with an excellent lunch in the Eagle pub in Kelevdon Hatch. Following this we visited the pretty little church at nearby Greensted, which has walls made in Anglo-Saxon times from logs - the only one in the country. Thanks to everyone for making this trip a really enjoyable one!!

August 2007 and this time we went to the Paper Trail (a working paper mill) in Hemel Hempstead. Leaving the wharf at Apsley by canal boat, we travelled via the Grand Union Canal and the River Gade to the mill (regrettably not all working, due to a breakdown!) where we had a tour, made hand made paper and enjoyed refreshments before returning by canal boat; we finished with a meal at an excellent waterside pub. Yet another great trip!

We also have one or two ideas for other trips; it is our intention that they will always have a basis of technology at their root.

Please leave any comments on this page - and contact me at the above address if you would like further details.